Can he save Levi before it's too late... Cover: Art by WhiteYoukai on DeviantArt, I can only take credit for the text and slight editing. I stood back up. This is no normal description, sorry, but basically, this is going to be an Otaku version of the hunger games. Dannie Pierce is a Japan enthusiast based in New York who loves and appreciates everything to do with Japan, from anime, manga, video/arcade games, to food and the culture, as well as the language. RELATED: Attack On Titan: The 9 Titans, Ranked From Weakest To Most Powerful. Because whenever he saw Captain Levi, he saw the ring on his finger that matched Commander Erwin Smith’s; Eren never stood a … C-captain Levi! Eren), Yandere Eren x Reader - "Forever Mine." Something that hasn't been known until fairly recently in the series, is the origin and purpose of the Ackerman clan and their relation to the Titans. Those many years ago, when the titans still ruled the planet; fate brought the bot... Eren is now 18, he's going to move out of his parents' house and leave the city life for a small town life. Common tags are: #eren #levi #rivaille #eren x levi #lev x eren #erei #riren #snk #attack on titans #shinjeki no kyojin These two would do well to try to learn more about one another and share in each other's grief as they fight for the same global cause. Eren is an orphan. Anime/Manga Romance Mike Jean Levi Eren... (Name), a soldier from the year 2401, fought an alien race that nearly wiped out humanity. NEXT: Attack On Titan: 10 Anime To Watch After The Final Season. See more ideas about ereri, attack on titan ships, attack on titan. You're a normal soldier with plenty of time on your hands. Para atender o pedido, meio inusitado de seu namorado Eren, Levi aceitou ir fantasiado de Coringa para o baile funk, um programa que já era rotineiro entre o casal, mas pela primeira vez fantasiados pelo par doentio dos quadrinhos, Arlequina e Coringa. The girls are all over him. The Special Operations Squad, under Captain Levi's command, consists of an elite group of fighters hand-picked by Levi himself to protect Eren from being taken by the other Titan Shifters. "Aahh... Mmn! Are they friends, enemies, or possibly even lovers? From the moment they met, Eren and Levi had a rough start. Eren Jaeger is your stereotypical 18 year old. Sequel to Breakable. Even though they were in different ranks, Levi was well aware of Eren's abilities and dedication and wanted him to succeed. She also loves animals, art, fashion, photography and travel, as she has vacationed in Japan at least once a year since 2013. levi x eren. 4:30. If comments seem a bit out of place, it's because I gave this book a heavy (well needed) edit! Especially with Eren's personality, one that is fixated on one particular goal of killing all Titans, and Levi, a sort of narcissist who would not give another person the time of day. But I definitely recommend you to watch the movie. At a time, Eren's Corporal, Levi, became someone he both feared and looked up to, always following orders. They're having a sorta 'secret' relationship. Levi is raised by his Uncle Kenny. Yandere Levi x Eren (Lemon) 9.9K 202 94. Looking past their many arguments and fistfights, it appears that both Eren and Levi have a certain mutual respect for one another. Dannie is also the Freelance Arts & Entertainment Editor for Japan-CultureNYC as well as an artist, and now has come on board as a Freelance Organic List Writer for Comic Book Resources, specifically about anything anime (or video games). & 9 Other Questions, Answered, 10 Controversial Anime Villains Who Shouldn't Be As Popular As They Are, The 10 Worst Things Gon & Killua Have Done To Each Other, 10 Naruto Couple Cosplay That Are Totally Romantic, Food Wars! Their similarities help to gain some mutual grounds between them, regardless of their difference in rank and oftentimes bring them together or forces them to trust one another when otherwise they would clash. I know it says "Levi x Reader x Eren" but no this is not a threesome. I'm bad at titles. However, in the end, he would listen and carry out his captain's orders and strive to meet the expectations put on him. Sadly, freedom comes with a price, so he learned. Eren has been Levi's boyfriend since high school, but has always had an attraction to Ivel. But little did everyone know that the lonely Titan boy was planning to keep you all to himself. Simple, right? Post any and all things to do with Eren and Rivaille! Aaah!" The Corporal was soon by the bedside in a second flipping Eren over on his stomach and twisting both his arms begin his back the chains on his ankles only transitioned like the rest of Eren's shivering body, a sharp yelp was heard but he ignored it as he climbed on top of him taking out a knife and cutting Eren's shirt and both their pants off in one swift motion causing Eren to gasp with sudden … Through analysis and fans theories, there have been many speculations on if these two have a friendship or not. Tons of awesome Levi x Eren wallpapers to download for free. This is a Second book to 'Hospitalised lovers' However, in the end, he would listen and carry out his captain's orders and strive to meet the expectations put on him. Dec 15, 2018 - Explore Kathleen Williams's board "Levi x Eren" on Pinterest. Levi x Eren CD Drama (crack audio) - Duration: 3:00. Nope. Ereri. A.N- before you ask- no this is nothing like the film 'The Vow' One day he decided to go to the nearby coffee shop, where h... !DISCONTINUED! Levi has cancer. levi x eren. To some, this was seen as a hurtful lie to keep Mikasa, Armin, and the others away while Eren carried out "The Rumbling.". If she were to break free at that moment, she would have easily tried to kill Levi. Boy x boy; Married Levi/Eren Yeager; Summary. This is the sequel to my book 'Breakable'. With the help of the NHR's top five soldiers, humanity turned the tide and won the war. He was writing up his reports, due every other day by Commander Erwin Smith. I don't see why love is a big deal, isn't family all we need? However, after witnessing Eren's Titan transformation with his one eyes, Levi's mood changed. Recently continued. ------- Levi X Eren Lemon Honey I … (Maze Runner AU.) There's always something stressing him out so he always goes to this library so he could be alone in the peace and quiet, but what is Levi gonna do with that certain mysterious boy that won't tell him his damn name. Under certain circumstances, and if this ship was canon, most would think that it would be probable that Eren would be the one to fall in love with Levi, as seen in the way they interact with each other. Link01001001 01101110 01110001 01110101 01101001 01001001 01101110 01110001 01110101 01101001 23,066 views They don't know what a car is, or a cellular device. Like Mikasa, Levi is an Ackerman, and being so, possesses super-human powers that have awakened inside him. 750 × 416 px 0. Initially, Levi treated Eren like an animal, kicking and beating him as he stood tied up on the trail for this newly attained, blasphemous Titan power. Also, I do not own the cover art or the charact... Erwin has been noticing that Levi has been coming to school with more and more bruises every day. Not only was it levi. Please source if you can, and don't repost anything. ", silence | levi ackerman x reader { DISCONTINUED }, Guilty Pleasure (Levicest + Ereri) {Yaoi Lemon}. Đăng vào Tháng Chín 28, 2016 bởi mongbienteam. The only future Eren Jaeger could imagine for himself was a future where he would slay all the vampires and find the one who killed his parents, but is he willing to escape the comfort of his army? Eren and Levi has been dating for almost about 2 years, and Eren thought he could trust Levi but one day when Eren and Levi was invited to a formal party held by Mikasa Ackerman, Levi's sister and Eren's best friend, Eren catches Levi with Erwin Smith, Levi's partner in acting on Attack on Titan. not awkward, Some would say that Eren was not the most model cadet, in that he had a strong will to a fault and would question many commands. The original group was all killed in a mission to save Eren from the Female Titan, with Levi being the only survivor. However, given their personalities, it doesn't appear that either one would have the time for such romantic thoughts, given their arduous Titan killing requirements that plague them at every turn. Also, both Eren and Levi lost their mothers at a relatively young age. In reality, Levi, as well as the Survey Corps, took legal custody of Eren and control of his Titan abilities. The corporal sat with his right leg crossed over his other, scrawling beautiful cursive on papers over the grainy work desk. MMD Eren & Levi … status ; discontinued The only thing he has in life, besides Mikasa and Armin, is his prized cello. The expression on her face, with Armin holding her back, would make anyone fear for their lives. These were very hurtful words and of course, she denied it and cried, as Armin stood up for her against Eren. From then on, Eren served under Levi and though they do fight and argue often, they value each other's opinion and tactical choices. Read Husband Warroir levi/eren x kidnapped young wife chubby reader 2 from the story Levi x reader (Completed) by marydiva17 with 1,579 reads. With a lack of a prominent father figure in the lives of both Eren and Levi, it appears that their relationship could be seen as having a parent/child dynamic, with Levi being the parental figure. Eren and Levi begin to realize their feelings towards each other in a dangerous situation Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - Eren Y., Levi A. Gracias por visitar mi Blog Personal Thanks for visiting my Personal Blog. I licked it and sucked the tip a little. -- Monster by Imagine Dragons After this, Connie, Mikasa, Armin, and the other remaining members of the 104th Training Corps became the new squadron under his command to serve the same purpose. Dec 27, 2020 - Explore Emma Anthony's board "Levi x Eren" on Pinterest. Levi and Eren show up in a new atmosphere, and a complete, new century. RELATED: Attack On Titan: How Old Is Levi & 9 Other Questions About Him. Levi is a 24 year old man,also a man who constantly denies his true feelings. Attack On Titan Levi X Eren Lemon Levi X Eren Ereri Eren X. Eren Yeager, the Lost boy. However, there are times when there seems to be some form of a friendship between these two. Poor Eren has already fallen for Levi. Eren was completely naked, breathing hard, up against the wall, and looked sexy as hell. ______________ When eren is discharged from the hospital there relationship continues in many way.. So this headcanon just popped up that Eren's modeling agency called up Levi's agent because fans of both models always ship them on social media so both Levi's and Eren's manager work out a contract deal to promo a new magazine featuring them on the cover - and it sells like crazy. 683 × 1200 px 0. If you haven't seen the movie, that's okay, it shouldn't be all too confusing. As for being a clean freak you wonder wha... "our silence is comfortable. But, when he meets the small captian of the team, Eren decides that maybe a new town isn't all that bad. Eren moaned even louder as I exposed his already hard member. Levi x Eren: Your Tea, With Love. It's definitely complicated. It was only after he took the time to understand Eren that he took responsibility for Eren, and in a way, to control the beast within him. Enter Eren: a young, hopeful, energetic soul, ready to start his summer in the rain without a glance over his poverty-stricken shoulder. Under Levi, Eren— even though he doesn't always agree with his orders— follows him to the utmost. Everyone knows Levi as your over protective loving best friend. So, what are these three college boys to do about this love triangle? So here's my second fanfic. Well, not everything. Eren was the eldest boy at the orphanage, mostly sticking to himself his whole life and just spending his time doing school work, looking after small children, and getting bullied. And Eren, yearning for guidance, would do his best to make Levi proud. I have not copied it. Eren x Levi: His Beautiful Beast Part 1 [Eng] Megumie Yumei. "Eren..." I said, also breathing heavily. The idea of Mikasa hating Levi, however, is rather evident since the moment she saw Levi brutally kicking a helpless Eren during his trial. His life is like any other normal life until a new guard is hired to protect him named Levi. Language: English Words: 6,007 Chapters: 12/13 Comments: 1 Kudos: 15 Hits: 533 He has fallen for the first violinist who sits across from him in orchestra and in a youth symphony they play in together. Please read my first fanfic too. Yeah I know it's a terrible title. It's amazing. Especially one...Levi.. Throughout the fandom, many ship Levi and Even together. HD wallpapers and background images All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. There was noticeable fear in his usual stone-cold face and visible sweat on his brow, even though he is named humanity's strongest soldier, with a rumored two hundred solo kills and countless more assists. A smirk crept up his face under his helmet.--- The pair walked into a family owned restaurant, not as simple as the last time Levi took Eren out to dinner, but it was certainly an upgrade.